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Nestled in the heart of the famous rock town, Tororo, Hotel meritoria is your perfect spot to access the beauty and hospitality of the local people. While it is central, it provides a level of privacy and convenience next to none.

Hotel Meritoria, a minute away from the Tororo town centre, is ideally set at the foot of the imposing Tororo Rock, a massive 4865feet high stone that seems to rise out of the serene gardens of Meritoria.

The hotel has spacious and attractive well lit Corporate rooms with a reading desk, reading chair, 3 channel  Dstv, intercom, bedside lights and wireless internet for those who cannot resist a bit of work on vacation. Luxurious rooms also exist to provide you more spacious feel.

At the hotel reception you will not miss the warmth you are entitled to at Hotel Meritoria, a well stocked bar on the ground floor, has an informal and welcoming atmosphere where one instantly feels at home.  You may also choose to step into the upstairs lounge to relax or watch television or dine quietly on the terrace amidst the environmentally pleasing décor of wood and bamboo while watching the hubbub of evening life on the street below. Meritoria staff excels in their warmth and helpfulness and are only beaten perhaps by Meritoria’s famous fresh tilapia which is delicious served whole. For ease of getting out and about, and relaxation in the evening, Meritoria is the place of choice.



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Double delux

Meritoria 24 hour bar

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